Today down at Crashpad Lodges

Today down at Crashpad Lodges the sun was shining as we checked out one set of guests and checked in a new set of guests.  Changing 18 beds, cleaning the kitchen and 3 bathrooms in 4 hours is just do-able.

I have very high standards when it comes to cleaning and as to be honest I absolutely love it. The smell of laying fresh linen and scrubbing up the oven after a party of families have overcooked the bacon on the grill is something that brings me pleasure as I know a good time has been had.

Seeing one happy party leave and another party, their faces all lit up when they arrive at Crashpad Lodges (its quite an adventure getting there, through fields of sheep, highland cows and horses, through a stream and off road in parts!) is a pleasure to see.

I never get tired of visiting Crashpad even if it is to clean! This video is of Josh and I on the way down to do the turnover, with Captain Chunk chasing the Landrover as usual. And notice the Snowdon Mountain Railway train!

Have a great Friday everyone 🙂

Life Through Stories — Discover

“These snippets of a lifetime make me ponder on how vital stories are. How we keep people, traditions, habits, alive through words. I’ve heard you die twice. First your physical death. And then again, when there’s no one left to tell your story.”

via Life Through Stories — Discover

This morning as I was reading through my daily posts, this post actually took my breath away and made me stop and think…

Setting Goals and how to achieve them?

How do you set goals and stick to them? With life being so busy with the tasks we must do everyday, do the commute, do the 9-5, cook dinner with weekends spent either having to do DIY, visiting friends and family (both of which I love) how do you set aside time to really focus and achieve the small steps to make your dreams come true?

Personally I find waking up an hour earlier to write my blog is achievable and I relish doing.  It feels like I am getting my ideas down and forming goals to create and complete.

However how do you actually find time to actually work on your ideas?  Put aside 5 hours to do a good piece of personal work? I have a list so long of artwork, ideas and projects to make that I can’t seem to carve of the time to do.

My blog quite funnily is called Time Consumed, and my time really is consumed but I need to put aside more time for personal work.

Do any of my readers have any hints or advice they can share?  In the meantime I will look for another blog or book that will shed some light and I will feed back my research.

Thanks so much for reading.



Crashpad Lodges

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 08.36.22

Creating more time for pleasure and “time-out” is something that I personally aim to achieve in my life and with Time Consumed.  My aim in life is to fill my memory bank full of stories, of time spent with loved ones and to remember what life is all about.

4 years ago my husband and I put together a business plan when we found a great opportunity to purchase a old Welsh Farmhouse in North Wales.  My husband was recovering at the time form a back tumour and coming to the realisation that his profession which is outdoor adventure training would be in tatters as he wouldn’t be insured to take people out on activity trips.

We spent 3 months putting together a business plan, countless meetings with banks and countless times we were turned away.  Until one day a bank said yes.

4 years on and we have been in business for 2 years and yes it is hard, and yes it is stressful but we have poured our hearts and souls into Crashpad Lodges.

We have witnessed many families have amazing experiences, spending time with one another swimming in the stream which runs around the bunkhouse, jumping off the bridges into the icy waters, walking up Snowdon Mountain which is located behind the lodge coming with photos of their galant return to time spent cooking and in-front of the lodges roaring fire.

When times get hard as they sometimes do, if the generator packs in or a sheep has pulled down our boundary fence once again, I am reminded of the memories we help to create for all the families, the running clubs, hiking groups, charities and young offenders from the city who leave rested, full of life and memories to cherish forever.