Land girls Part 2


Happy Weekend readers.  This Sunday morning I have started to create  mood boards for my Land girl, well for me really!  It became very apparent that I need a new method of dressing for when I am at the Lodge and working on the land.  Currently I wear the scruffiest clothes ever – I am sure my husband doesn’t mind but when you don’t look good you don’t feel good.  By the way the Lodge if you would like to check it out is at

Winter in North Wales is truly cold, dark and wet.  In the summer it is gloriously warm (at times).  I would love outfits that make me feel feminie yet are hardwearing for everything that is thrown at me and for everything that I throw myself into.  From tending to my garden to driving the defender down to the Lodge to do a turnover for the next set of guests.  I would also like to be able to feel good enough and look presentable enough to be able to pop into the supermarket or to friends house on the way home.

I am going to start to look at clothing companes such as Dickies and Carharrt for some female work clothes.  I will test them and let you know how I get on!

In the meantime I am going to read up on Land Girls as there is something really interesting about these amazing groups of women that helped during the war.  I do sometimes think I belonged to that era!

If anyone has any good suggestions of clothing companies that do great workwear clothes for women please do let me know.

Have a great rest of your weekend and thanks for reading.

Land girls

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 15.50.01

Happy Friday one and all.  My post today is coming to you from an image that I saw today from one of my followers on Instagram.  One of my life long dreams is to own a farm, it always has been since I was a little girl.  As I’m now 35, working in fashion and no-where near owning a farm, not even a small holding so my little vegetable patch in my garden will have to do.

So I live my dream at the moment through people I follow and admire. One of the people I follow is a young farming couple who show their daily life through Instagram.  A particular picture today showed the lady in mention in a very chic almost Landgirl type outfit – but more modern.

It looked so great that I want to build images around it and create a “look” .  This look is a backlash against throwaway fast fashion.  It is full of natural fibres, wools, linens that get better with age.  With garments that are worn and washed hundreds of time so they achieve a beautiful patina.  That can be repaired and loved.

This girl works on the land.  She is tough yet feminine, strong yet soft.  She is at one with nature and animals, has a strong knowledgable head and can turn her hand to anything.

Maybe I am picturing the life I want and I am that girl.  Thats ok with me, at least it is one step closer!  Look out for the mood-board coming soon.

For the love of Laundry (and Frank Sinatra)


So this blog is post maybe slightly weird to some but there is something I absolutely love about doing laundry.

I believe everything we love and cherish to do stems from some moment or memory from when we were younger, or maybe a previous life!

My love of laundry comes from visiting my Grandma and Grandad’s house.  Every Sunday we went round for Sunday dinner and whilst the meat was cooking in the oven, my Grandma would be meticulously ironing my Grandad’s aprons and tea towels from his shop.  The smell of the freshly washed cotton being ironed and the neatly folding of the aprons – makes me feel at home and reminds me of my Grandparents.

The aprons and tea towels had been washed so many times that the cotton was soft and had such a lovely colours, worn out blues, red, yellows and whites.  My mam still uses them at home now, they must be 40+, if 50+ years old.

They say smells evoke the best memories – I can still smell the freshly washed cotton and see my Grandma standing ironing and my Grandad (who was always) singing in the background (usually Moon River) by Frank Sinatra.

Clothing with a heart.

1.aponi-dress-1My main day job is in the fashion industry. Everyday I am asked how can we make clothing faster.  How can we adapt to the changing needs of the customer quicker. If a celebrity wears a certain pair of trainers, fashion brands want the same copy in the store as quick as possible.

Keeping up with trends seems to be the no.1 driving purchase especially in the younger generation – has this always been the case I guess? The method of making garments in the past required more labour and was slower whilst  technology today allows garments to be made lightening fast and much more cheaply in comparison which makes for a throw away culture.

To see something we would really like to own, to save for weeks, months even and then reward ourselves with a purchase thats been in our hearts is not the norm today.

1 super-soft merino jumper if taken care of will look far nicer and last longer than 7 polyester or acrylic jumpers from a fast fashion retailer.

Also to mention that with cheap clothing comes the cheap often badly treat worker who has to work and sleep in the same room for 7 days 16 hours a day to make.

Lets buy good, repair it when it breaks and make it last.  Pass it on if possible from generation to generation and give our planet, our people and our wallets a rest.

Lets make sure that we all have that one garment at least that can be passed to a love one, that smells of them and reminds each other of them and the good times shared.