Amazing Book!

tumblr_nz0256tRUM1u8rtwro10_r1_500In todays blog post I would like to review the lastest book that I have just finished reading.  Jon Kabat-Zinn “Wherever you go there you are”.  I am so pleased that I choose this book to read. It has given me guidance on my journey to live my life more fully.  To not worry about the trivial and to look ahead into the path of what it is to be fully aware. To appreciate the things I often take for granted.

This is an extract from the book which sums up brilliantly what it is all about:-

“It is in our nature of our minds to go on automatic pilot mode daily and by doing so we actually lose touch with the only time we have to live, to grow, to feel, to love, to learn, to give shape to things, to heal, our minds also holds the deep innate capacity to help us awaken to our moments and use them to our advantage to help ourselves, for others, and for the world we inhabit”.

I also particularly like this reference to gardening;-

“Just as a garden require attending to if we hope to cultivate flowers and not have it overrun with weeds, mindfulness also requires regular cultivating.  We call the cultivating of our own mind to bring it to wakefulness ‘meditation’.  The beauty of it is that we carry this garden with us wherever we go, wherever we are, whenever we remember.  It is outside of time as well as in it”

I have not tried meditation as yet.  My meditation is to read, garden, paint, make things with my hands and spending time outdoors.  Whenever I feel the need to absolutely stop and reset I turn to books such as this one.  I have read many books on mindfulness and in particular by the Dalai Lama.  After each book (and I often re-read many times) I feel a lightless and a reason why I started “Time Consumed”.

I will add a reading list through goodbooks reviews of the books I have read.  If you would like to buy a copy of “Wherever you go there you are” I found mine through

I hope you enjoy this journey with me.  Have a wonderful day.





Land girls Part 2


Happy Weekend readers.  This Sunday morning I have started to create  mood boards for my Land girl, well for me really!  It became very apparent that I need a new method of dressing for when I am at the Lodge and working on the land.  Currently I wear the scruffiest clothes ever – I am sure my husband doesn’t mind but when you don’t look good you don’t feel good.  By the way the Lodge if you would like to check it out is at

Winter in North Wales is truly cold, dark and wet.  In the summer it is gloriously warm (at times).  I would love outfits that make me feel feminie yet are hardwearing for everything that is thrown at me and for everything that I throw myself into.  From tending to my garden to driving the defender down to the Lodge to do a turnover for the next set of guests.  I would also like to be able to feel good enough and look presentable enough to be able to pop into the supermarket or to friends house on the way home.

I am going to start to look at clothing companes such as Dickies and Carharrt for some female work clothes.  I will test them and let you know how I get on!

In the meantime I am going to read up on Land Girls as there is something really interesting about these amazing groups of women that helped during the war.  I do sometimes think I belonged to that era!

If anyone has any good suggestions of clothing companies that do great workwear clothes for women please do let me know.

Have a great rest of your weekend and thanks for reading.

The sweet smell of memories


I have often wondered why sometimes I can smell a particular smell and it can take be back years to often my childhood to vivid recollections. More so than the memory of sight or just closing your eyes to try and recall events, smell can snap you straight back to a particular time and even the weather at such time.

Such memories include the freshly washed laundry smell at my grandma’s house as I wrote about previously, the smell of Chloe Anais Anais perfume when I was 16 and talking my English exams at school and the sun was shining outside.  The smell of jasmine which reminds me of home and the smell of baked jam cakes which again reminds me of my grandmas house.

Everyone has a signature scent, whether that be perfume or their own natural odour which is only attractive to certain people.  That I think is why some people keep a T-shirt or jumper of their loved ones to remind them of the smell of them. Perhaps that is why youngsters keep blankets and smell them as they are comforting.  Even my dog has a particular blanket that smells absolutely disgusting to me, but probably joyful to him that he drags around and sleeps on.  I could never bear to wash it!

I think the scent of flowers have a strong effect on me, as I mentioned jasmine in the summer being one of them.  Roses’s, Stocks (which I am trying to grow in my garden) and sweetpeas.  I also love perfumes and I wear perfumes that my mother wears as it acts like a comfort.  Even when I go home to see my parents, their dog smells of my mothers perfume from all the cuddling that she gets!

What is more beautiful than smells to evoke memories and a sense of love and belonging.  Again maybe that is why I love laundry?

What are your favourite smells and what memories do they conjure up?


Apologise! My time away however has been spent well!

IMG_57992I must apologise for my lack of time spent on my blog.  Work commitments have lead me to living in Sri Lanka for 3 months and away from my beloved garden.  Rest assured the husband has promised to tend to my garden – the raised bed is in (see featured picture) and full of seeds.  The lack of sun I think is shunting the growth but my seedlings are alive and growing which is a step in the right direction. We were able to buy some really old railway sleepers for the bed which worked out really easy and because they are so heavy the keep the soil securely in place.

Yesterday a new work colleague Janitha in the Sri Lanka office told me one if not the most loveliest story which I believe follows the story of Time Consumed brilliantly.  I will follow up with the Story tomorrow after some much needed sleep which I have named “Janitha’s Story”