Blogging – is it an Online Journal?


Albert Einstein’s travel journal

Good morning – Monday morning again and I am writing to you with my 6am cup of coffee before getting up for work. Todays post comes to you after reading a post this morning from about “The Life Changing Habit of Keeping a Journal.

I have always thought that blogging is almost like keeping a journal – a journal that you share to the entire world.  This is not the same as a personal journal I guess as traditionally that is used to put down all your personal thoughts and not to be shown!

The one real part of blogging that I struggle with (however this is part of the reason I started blogging was to practice my writing technique and my story telling with words. My strongest skill is story telling through pictures and sketching.

My conclusion is to start to incorporate more of my sketching into my blog posts, perhaps at the end of each post?  To put down and share ideas.

I love this quote by Michael Hyatt who says “What happens to us is not as important as the meaning we assign to it. Journaling helps sort this out.” Journals give you a record of the progress you’ve made toward your goals to keep you motivated in the long slog of actually reaching them.

If you would like to read this fascinating blog post by Arianna Huffington on please visit the link is below.  Apparently all the great geniuses kept a blog including Einstein, Leonardo De Vinci and Winston Churchill – it must of worked for them so hopefully it will work for us!

Have a great day


Podcast Review – The Moth

The MothDear readers today I want to share with a brilliant podcast called “The Moth” that a colleague from work told me about.

What is a podcast?  A podcast for those who are unsure is almost like a a radio station programme that anyone can record and put out there on the net.

What is a The Moth? The Moth is a podcast which tells live stories from people at their open storytelling event.  Each event has a new and interesting subject matter.  The story telling theme that I listened to today was called “People, Places, Problems”  It is so beautifully put together and takes you on a journey across 4 peoples stories of their lives.

In this hour, a man whose mother never learned to read enrols in law school; a recent graduate runs into familiar faces, an uber driver encounters an unruly passenger; a photo collage fails to capture the scope of a relationship; a child’s hair is shaved to save her life.

I actually listened to this as I worked out on my exercise bike.  What I realised in that hour is that I had laughed, cried, my heart ached and I felt contented.

If you do anything this week I strongly advise that you subscribe to The Moth.  Make the first one you listen to this particular podcast and I am certain you will be hooked, like a moth to a light 🙂 The links are below:-

If anyone has any other podcast recommendations I’m all ears (sorry for the puns!)


Amazing Book!

tumblr_nz0256tRUM1u8rtwro10_r1_500In todays blog post I would like to review the lastest book that I have just finished reading.  Jon Kabat-Zinn “Wherever you go there you are”.  I am so pleased that I choose this book to read. It has given me guidance on my journey to live my life more fully.  To not worry about the trivial and to look ahead into the path of what it is to be fully aware. To appreciate the things I often take for granted.

This is an extract from the book which sums up brilliantly what it is all about:-

“It is in our nature of our minds to go on automatic pilot mode daily and by doing so we actually lose touch with the only time we have to live, to grow, to feel, to love, to learn, to give shape to things, to heal, our minds also holds the deep innate capacity to help us awaken to our moments and use them to our advantage to help ourselves, for others, and for the world we inhabit”.

I also particularly like this reference to gardening;-

“Just as a garden require attending to if we hope to cultivate flowers and not have it overrun with weeds, mindfulness also requires regular cultivating.  We call the cultivating of our own mind to bring it to wakefulness ‘meditation’.  The beauty of it is that we carry this garden with us wherever we go, wherever we are, whenever we remember.  It is outside of time as well as in it”

I have not tried meditation as yet.  My meditation is to read, garden, paint, make things with my hands and spending time outdoors.  Whenever I feel the need to absolutely stop and reset I turn to books such as this one.  I have read many books on mindfulness and in particular by the Dalai Lama.  After each book (and I often re-read many times) I feel a lightless and a reason why I started “Time Consumed”.

I will add a reading list through goodbooks reviews of the books I have read.  If you would like to buy a copy of “Wherever you go there you are” I found mine through

I hope you enjoy this journey with me.  Have a wonderful day.





To Be.


The ocean is a whole but no two oceans are the same due to the differing patterns of waves, currents, sea life and shoreline. The atmosphere and the air we breathe is a whole, wrapped around the world that we all breathe, but it is different in each area due to its change in heat, humidity, oxygen content and higher altitudes.  Life in earth is whole, we all breathe, eat and die yet it is unique it organisms and life chain, between plants and animals. All faces resemble each other, yet how easily do we see the differences, the uniqueness that makes us individual.

So there can be no-one place to be, to own, to practise, to learn, to be.  The ever changing chain of events that happen to us make the day particular to us.

Going back to the great podcast I listened to “Saints of Somewhere”, George Shaw stated that ‘isn’t it funny to think, we are all living on this huge flying graveyard called Earth’.  When you think of it, it is true.  We are all on this shared Earth, orbiting the sun.  When you think of the Earth as a whole, how small and often trivial do we see our problems?

We are not really getting off this Earth – perhaps some soon to Mars thanks to Richard Branson but not really.  Earth is our flying sphere called home in the universe.